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Anvil Motorcycles is not just a brand, it's not just a workshop, but is first and foremost an idea, strong and determined: a real lifestyle. There is an image that better than anything else is their essence: the anvil. Simple, strong and indestructible. Always accompanies the craft. The arrow is a symbol of the passion that unites us, but before that, he traced the path of our lives. Our philosophy starts from this picture, we tattooed on his chest, close to the heart, to celebrate every moment of our deep love for motors. 1998. One can say that our story began between the classroom, in a small town surrounded by the Emilian countryside ( ITALY ). Very young but with very clear ideas. The passion for cars has meant that our paths will cross. Their Brand is a direct heir of a world of the past, of those years ' 70 that changed the history of motorcycling, creating the basis for what we drive today.

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