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Choose the right size of a helmet


The helmet is the main biker accessory. It's a major purchase so we want to help you in choosing the right size, mainly to provide greater safety and travelling comfort.

How to measure it?

You must install a tape measure (the tailor) and measure the circumference of your head. Spin the meter just above the eyebrows (more or less to the height of temples) and measure the circumference of your skull. Now you can compare your measurements with the size chart helmet model you have chosen (each helmet has the product its size chart).
We suggest that you always check the specific sizes of helmet you want to buy, although often rely on international standard measurements. Various manufacturers have always some small difference (even one centimeter), which can subvert both the comfort that the safety of the helmet.

Why it is important that the helmet fits snugly?

A helmet that fits is safer, both actively both passively. So if you mess up cut risks the helmet absorbs the right spot the impact or the strap can't manage to trap any "snags" on your neck.

Superior fit allows you to have greater visibility, ventilation and safety

How do I know if I bought size fits?

Just wear your helmet should be slightly tightened onto head. Must not tighten, but you should get the feeling that adheres to the extent to which you measured the circumference of your head.

Should then slightly compress your head without giving you a feeling of pressure or squeeze in particular on temples, forehead and nape.

Don't worry right now of the cheeks, first make sure you're well on "head circumference", because this cannot be changed, while the thickness of the pillows in the best helmets usually is customizable.

Cheeks should always be slightly compressed. Don't worry, the sponge of the Interior will over time and will adapt better to the shape of your face.

The most common mistake is feeling too compressed when slamming a new helmet so you opt for a more comfortable size.

If a new helmet is very convenient, it is too big and will become more and more annoying to use.

A small clarification about helmets-The helmet for its conformation is more difficult than string your head, then you may have to take a smaller size. A Jet helmet too large could be really annoying: will move more easily, will pass air into ears and therefore will make you a less attentive biker

I am undecided between two sizes, which I take?

If after all the tests and the tests you are still undecided, in principle, always choose the smallest size. By the time the Interior will give way a bit and will adapt to your head.

If your helmet is always some easy tests we could say that it's done, is just the right one for you

How do you wear a helmet?

Once you have purchased our helmet you must make sure to wear it properly. The helmet must always be connected, otherwise it serves no purpose and should be worn correctly. It is simple, in practice the front opening of the helmet should stay a couple of fingers above your eyebrows and between the throat and the strap should pass always two fingers

Change Size?

If you've taken a wrong size you won't have to do is return the helmet to our warehouse and we will not send you a different size (smaller or bigger depending on the inquiry) 

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