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Hereby you will find the General Condition of Sale (here shorten as GCS) regarding the contract having as object the selling of products offered in the Online Store Ferro29 web address www.ferro29.com, owned by Ferro 29 s.r.l. (here after called "Ferro29"), fiscal domicile at Via Giorgio e Guido Paglia 15 – 24 124 BERGAMO (ITALIA) regularly registered at the "Registro Imprese della CCIAA di Bergamo" with the no. REA 432660 VAT no. 04071220166, and the natural or legal person (here after called "CUSTOMER") that expresses the willingness to buy the offered products through the website mentioned above.

The CUSTOMER'S request is part of this contract and they are ruled by this GCS, and he has the obligation to consult them before purchasing a product.

The hereby GCS are showed to the CUSTOMERS through the website www.ferro29.com, in order to read, keep and accept them, rule necessary for the purchasing of any product exposed in the Online Store Ferro29. 

The  CUSTOMER will always have access to these GCS, exposed in a visible place and easily accessible in the main page of the Online Store. 

The hereby GCS along with the purchase requested by the customer, establishes a purchase agreement with  Ferro29.

THE CUSTOMER then, confirm to: 

a)have read, understood and agreed these General Condition of Sale. 

b)the person is an adult with full legal capacity

Section 1 - Information about the product exposed

The description of the products promoted by Ferro29 through the website are based on information given by the brand and/or the supplier of these products. All the information described in product sheets and the attached photos carry out the task of informing the customer, so in case of any mistake, Ferro29 s.r.l. is determined to correct, in the shortest time possible, any mistake or omission after informing the company and/or the customer. All the CUSTOMERS have the right of withdrawal within 14 days so as it is ruled by the E-Commerce Law in Italy

Section 2 - Products Size and Measurement Charts 
For general information on sizes, please check out our Size Guide on each product sheet if it is available. If you have specific question regarding the wearability of an article or how to take the measurements, please send an e-mail to our Customer Service at the address: customerservice@ferro29.com

Section 3 - Orders

CUSTOMERS can request orders straight from the website www.ferro29.com. To request an order the customers must confirm to have the right for using the selected credit card or any other method of payment. Only legal people able to subscribe a contract for the purchasing products and services offered on this Online Store can request orders. All the personal data stored by Ferro29 constitute the proof of all the transaction done between Ferro29 and the its customers. Ferro29 will confirm to his customer, through an email, that his order has been processed. The contract information will be shown by Ferro29 to the CUSTOMERS through the website. If Ferro29 needs to use the email given by the customer during the purchase, for sending any commercial after the purchase, it will be done neither with a new customer's request nor without communicating it again to the customer. This agreement could be cancelled any time by sending an email to info@ferro29.com

Section 4 - Verify an order

When the CUSTOMER requests an order, he needs to make sure that the invoice address and the data in the contract, appearing in your bank statement, are correct. If these data are not exactly correspondent to the ones indicated in your credit card, the order could be suspended for further verification. We could have the need to contact the CUSTOMER right away. While specifying the delivery address, the CUSTOMER must make sure to indicate correctly his ZIP Code, the city and the country and eventually, in addition to the email, a phone number in order to manage the contact with the courier. If the data stored will not match with the ones of the delivery, we will contact the CUSTOMER to update them and this could delay the delivery

Section 5 – Price Policy

All the prices are indicated with a VAT set at 22% included.

Delivery and extra charges are excluded for the payment method. These will be added separately from the product price and it will be viewed before the purchase.

Ferro29 declares to have the supplier's approval to sell its products to the proposed prices and advertised in the Online Store.

Ferro29 has the right to change these prices in any moment and without any notification. In any case the products will be invoiced respecting the rates during the order request, with the exception of some typographic or informatics  mistakes. The products will be always the supplier's property as long as the purchase has not been completed. Ferro29 has the right to refuse any order from a customer who has a controversy or has an unappealable judgment

Section 6 - Product availability

The order made by the CUSTOMERS will be processed when completing the purchase, that is, after the payment. In case of unavailability of a product, once completed the order and before its sending , the customer will be informed via email or via phone of the partial delivery of the order or of its eventual cancellation. If the customer had already paid, there will be a total refund of the purchase, informing the customer via email.

As mentioned above, Ferro29 will proceed as soon as possible to the full reimbursement of the amount paid from the customer through the payment used during the purchase or the one used by the customer

Section 7 - Payment Methods

The payment of the order may be done via bank wire and PayPal during the checkout.

The main credit cards accepted are: Visa and MasterCard.

The purchase amount will be charged on the customer's bank account once received the bank authorization. If the payment is denied, the order will be automatically cancelled.

We don't accept any current account cheques or postal money orders.

Ferro29 guarantees the customers that it has not the access to the personal data used during the payment. Furthermore they will not be saved.

Only PAYPAL or other payment gateway will have access to these data for the management of the payments and these will be inaccessible to third parties

Section 8 - Shipping

Shipping Methods and Countries covered:

The products will be sent to the shipping address that the CUSTOMER has indicated during the purchase. For orders done on Ferro29, they will be processed in the countries listed on this pageWe do not accept orders with a shipping address to a post office box. In order to make easier the delivery, we invite the CUSTOMER to indicate a valid address so the order can be received during the work time.

For more information on the shipping methods, please click here

Section 9 - Terms of Delivery

The deadline for deliveries are around 2-4 working days starting from the product purchase and sent to Italy. (with an exception for the handmade products that need more time. This will be indicated in the product sheet).

The delivery time for EU countries are 3-6 working days, while for countries outside the EU Community Market  could range from 4 to 10 working days, depending on the destination.

These delivery times are approximate and they depend from the location and possible holidays. If there would be a delay, due to an expected event, Ferro29 will keep the CUSTOMER updated in every possible moment.

The delivery time could vary according to the destination. The delivery period is generally referred to as the period between the order and the arrival of the goods to the customer. 

Section 10 - Precautions for the delivery

It is the recipient's responsibility the verification of the products once arrived at destination, to make his own observations and complaints if he thinks he needs to. He may even refuse the package if they seem to be opened or if they're deteriorated. These observations must be directed to the transportation company and to FerroO29. If the delivered products do not correspond to those indicated on the Delivery Note, the customer may complain in the following 7 (seven) days after the delivery.

In case of delays, damage or partial delivery, the customer can fill the form on the Ferro29 website or he can send an email to customerservice@ferro29.com

Section 11 – Return and Withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days after the delivery of the goods (through a clear declaration).

There are three cases for the return:

1. Return due to the change of size or colour

2. Return and reimbursement (Withdrawal)

3. Return due to FERRO 29 mistake

Ferro29 will follow this procedure for the return of the products.

The CUSTOMER has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days, no explanation needed. From the moment he receives the product, the CUSTOMER will have 14 days in order to notify the return of the purchase or part of it. To uphold the right of withdrawal, the CUSTOMER has the duty to inform us about his decision through an email at customerservice@ferro29.com, or via fax.

To respect the Term of Withdrawal, the CUSTOMER has to send a message expressing the right of withdrawal. All this need to be done before the right of withdrawal deadline.

A reply will be given by the Customer Service Ferro29 within 24h that in turn will indicate the return code and all the following steps needed.

The costs of the return of the goods will be on Your shoulders. In case of return because of a mistake done by Ferro29 all the shipping costs will on our shoulders.

If you decide to withdraw from this contract, all the payments will be refunded, included the delivery costs (with an exception to extra costs coming from your purchase of a different delivery method from our standards), without any delay within 14 days from the day we know you wish to withdraw from this contract.

The reimburse will be done using the payment method used initially by the CUSTOMER, except for the CUSTOMER's wish to do so; in addition, the CUSTOMER will not shoulder any extra cost for the reimbursement

Section 12 - How to create a Return

The customer may want to check the section dedicated to the "Return" by clicking here

Section 13 - General Terms for returning a product

The customer will be responsible for the damages done on the goods corresponding to an alteration of these ones whether in their nature, characteristics, or functions. The damages done to the goods by the consumer must exceed what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. For these kind of damages the seller can retain an amount proportioned to the damage done to the goods from the total reimbursement amount.

The number of the return must be clearly written on the surface of the package, near the waybill, indicating the sender (CUSTOMER) and recipient (Ferro29). This do not represent an obligation for effectively exercising the right to cancel, but it surely will help us, so we are glad if could

Section 14 - Warranty

The warranty is generally given by the brand or the supplier in the established legal terms, within a period of 2 years from the day of the delivery.

Ferro29 is acting as representative of brands and suppliers which guarantee the correct function of the products sold in the Online Store Ferro29,making sure they have no defects whatsoever, that could make them dangerous or unsuitable for their use.

The warranty is clearly marked on the product information sheet that is found inside the delivered package. No customer will be granted a warranty longer than the one established by the supplier.

In case of damages during the unpackaging, Ferro29 will not be obligated to take back the goods. The customer will have to go to the brand or the supplier Selling Service Centre.

Ferro29 will ensure that the CUSTOMER, who request the contract information of the service mentioned above, will receive all the necessary help in order to proceed with the complaint.

For questions or information, the CUSTOMER can contact the Customer Service of Ferro29 by writing an email to customerservice@ferro29.com or by calling to the telephone number (+39) 0365 060097 (service in English language)

Section 15 – Currency Conversions

All the prices on our website are mainly in Euro (the CUSTOMER can check in other main currencies like the American Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, or the English Pound). However, the total amount will be displayed and converted in EURO during the checkout phase

The bank institute responsible for the CUSTOMER'S credit card will define the exact rate change that will be charged (in case you are not using the Euro). Most of the times it matches with the current tax rate. (Warning; we are neither able to guarantee nor promise anything regarding tax rate changes or  any charge from the bank on the CUSTOMER's shoulder, because it is not our area of expertise)

Section 16 - Promotions and Gift Vouchers

The promotions and the gift vouchers could be used exclusively for making a purchase on www.ferro29.com.

In case of multiple promotions applicable either on the product costs or on the shipping costs , automatically only the one having the highest sale will be applied.

In case of identical sale, the one that has the closest deadline will be applied, and when the purchase will not exceed the agreed minimum amount.

In case of fraud or dishonesty, Ferro29 will reserve the right to not apply the price reduction.

Ferro29 will reserve the right to change or cancel any promotion in any moment without any notification needed

Section 17 - Changes to the General Condition of Sale

In case of storage transfer due to conveyance of business to third parties, Ferro29 will endeavor to inform immediately the clients through the webpage. Ferro29 will reserve the right to change the General Condition of Sale. In case of law violation of the hereby General Condition of Sale, the other arrangements will be still valid.

Further new features or tools added on the Online Store will be always subjected to the General Condition of Sale. It is possible to review the latest updated version of the GCS in any moment on this page.

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