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Pants by bike. Here you can find the entire collection men's pants proposed by Ferro29, our Online store. This category includes various types of trousers. All products from the exclusive and unique Design and in retro-vintage style to complete your look by Racer. You can find Cafe Racer style pants from top brands, selected with care to offer you only the best and always with an eye to detail. All products perfect for any adventure riding a Scrambler, Cafe Racer or Classic Bike. View all products ...

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PROMO JEANS TITANIUM Motorcycle Man Jeans - Mid Blue
PROMO JEANS TITANIUM Motorcycle Man Jeans - Mid BlueThe first Italian motorcycle jeans with full CE EN13595-1:2002 Level 2 approval (as DPI: personal protective equipment).There are very few clothing items that can boast the CE EN13595-1 approval, for bikers seeking the utmost protection, usually obtained from leather garments and rarely from multilayer fabric garments.The Titanium jeans have brilliantly passed all abrasion, traction, wearing and perforation tests, to ensure high safety and security at the highest levels.To date, no other motorcycle jeans are CE EN13595-1 compliant. The Titanium are the most secure jeans on earth.High heat and cutting resistance, no melting point, very low flammability make Twaron© an innovative synthetic fiber with very high protection.For its products, PMJ uses ballistic Twaron©, the same used in the production of bulletproof jackets, which differs from all other aramid knit fabrics, thanks to its texture/warp yarn.The material obtained by these yarns is more thicker and compact, but of course also much more durable than Kevlar/Cotton fabrics, woven fabrics, felt or other fabrics.PMJ is the only company that performed the abrasive and cutting resistance test on the aramid fiber used.The test is the same used to test bikers' technical clothing under the well known EN13595 directive.Obtaining a value equal to 7.90 seconds of resistance, these jeans reached the highest level of security expected: the level 2.The PMJ product line has been designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, by qualified people, with the highest quality materials and technologies.

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